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Some clients prefer to engage us to undertake bridges and viaducts on a ‘Design & Build’ basis.  In bridge engineering, very often, the economy and practicality of the design is closely related to the methodology to be used by the constructor based on their experience and equipments at their disposal.

This is perhaps the reason why certain clients see such advantages in this arrangement.

At HSSB, we have worked with a few design consultants with our contribution on the design concept and construction methodology.

Notable ‘Design & Build’ projects include the design and construction of 20 bridges for the Guthrie Corridor Expressway where HSSB has jointly developed a cost effective and structurally efficient TM-Beams.  Our client for this project was awarded the “2007 Road Engineering Excellence Award” by the Road Engineering Association of Malaysian (REAM).


HSSB has also been engaged in labour subcontracts whereby HSSB supplied skilled workers and supervision for formwork carpentry, concreting, rebar fabrication and fixing only.

HSSB is blessed with supervisors and management staff who are multilingual and conversant in English, Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia, Chinese and other Asian languages.

We are able to mobilize and supervise workers from certain regions of Asia who are very cost effective for any bridge works elsewhere internationally.

We also provide skilled workers for operations of form travelers, launching gantries and other similar bridge related works.

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