Established in 1994, Hasrat Sedaya Sdn Bhd (HSSB) is one of the leading bridge constructor in Malaysia and have completed in excess of USD100 million worth of bridge construction works mainly in the form of subcontracts but also in the form of direct contracts and joint venture partnerships.

We are fully registered with the Malaysian Construction Development Board [(CIDB – G7 (highest for CIDB registration) and the Ministry of Entrepreneur Co-operation Development of Malaysia (PKK – Class A (highest for PKK registration).

HSSB is relatively small in terms of number of employees but is packed with a team of dedicated and innovative staff with vast experience in the field of bridge engineering and construction that is able to deliver relatively large and technically demanding bridge projects.

At HSSB, nothing is too small as we have constructed several small pedestrian bridges and nothing is too large nor complicated as we have constructed the currently longest river arch bridge in Malaysia using temporary towers/stays and a cable stay bridge in a joint venture partnership.

HSSB is also able to provide design and build services for bridges and viaducts.  We have in the past provided such service for some 20 bridges for the Guthrie Corridor Expressway near Shah Alam, Malaysia in which our client was awarded the “2007 Road Engineering Excellence Award” by the Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM).

We welcome enquiries and hope to be of service to any interested clients, main contractors and road / highway agencies.




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